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Dear Parents and Guardians, Our Chromebook one-to-one initiative continues to transform Williamson’s classrooms! Our students are increasingly able to access recent information, create content and work together. The 2019-2020 school year will be the fifth consecutive year of our 1:1 Chromebook rollout which covers students in grades 7-12. These students have individually assigned devices that they have responsibility for. Over the last several years, we have refined and improved our expectations around 1:1 devices. Please read through the following information carefully.Williamson Central encourages the use of devices and the network, including the Internet, as a tool for research and education and part of helping our students become college and career ready. The Chromebooks issued to students are the property of Williamson Central School District. The distribution of a Chromebook to each student is a privilege for responsible students, and may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct. Before a Chromebook is issued for use at home, students and parents or guardians will read the following Expectations and Procedures documentation and sign the Permission Form.EQUIPMENT● Student must have a Digital Citizenship Policy and Permission Form signed by a parent/guardian on file with Williamson Central School District in order to use the Chromebook at home.● The school Chromebook is to be used for educational purposes only and its use must not violate the existing Digital Citizenship Policy.● Student may not destroy, deface, or alter Chromebook equipment or files not belonging to the student. The device and accessories must be stored carefully when not in use.● Students may not hide files or activity on the Chromebook.THE NETWORK● All use of the chromebooks should comply with the District Code of Conduct.● Students may not change, alter, bypass, or attempt to bypass any Chromebook security measures including filtered Internet sites. Usage of school devices and the network are monitored by the Administration and the Director of Technology. PRIVACY● It is a violation to share your Chromebook or your password with anyone else except your parents, or to access any account belonging to other students, faculty, or staff.● Since the Chromebooks belong to the district, the district will be monitoring all devices. The district reserves the right to search Internet accounts accessed with school equipment without permission. Improper use of district technology devices will result in loss of network/Internet privileges, and other disciplinary consequences. RESPONSIBILITIES By signing the Digital Citizenship Policy and this User Agreement and Parent Permission Form, student sand parents or guardians agree to:● Submit their Chromebook to school authorities upon request. Such a request may be made in order to check browser histories and caches, as well as to ensure Chromebooks do not contain any unapproved software or files.● Accept monitoring of student usage of the Chromebooks at any time, when requested by school Personnel. Students and parents need to be aware that files created using the Chromebook or stored on school servers are not private.● Charge their Chromebook overnight each night to ensure that they are fully charged for classes the next day. Just as students are expected to be prepared for class by having all required materials,students will have a charged Chromebook available to them at the start of each day.● Protect the Chromebook from damage and theft. Required precautions may include the use of a protective case when transporting the Chromebook to and from classes and to and from school. If the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged when off school grounds, it should be reported to the police immediately. Parents or guardians are financially responsible for any missing Chromebook or accessories that are not recovered in good working order by authorities, for or a device that is found to be damaged intentionally or through negligence.● Leave their Chromebooks at school prior to graduation for regular maintenance or upon disenrollment from the district. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to obtain their child's username and password in order to monitor the student's computer usage at home. If parents have any difficulties obtaining this password, they should contact the Technology Department for assistance. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS As a learner I will:1. Never leave my Chromebook unattended or allow others to use it.2. Make sure the Chromebook is not subject to careless or intentional damage (e.g., as a result of horseplay).3. Ensure that, when the Chromebook is being transported, it is as secure as possible.4. Ensure that my Chromebook is charged and ready for use.5. Store my Chromebook in a safe place when not in use (e.g., lunch, PE, etc.). The Chromebook should be protected and no items will be stacked on top of it.6. Use my chromebook for the task assigned by my teacher at all times.8. Not decorate the Chromebook and not allow it to be subject to graffiti/defacing.9. Not install or download software not approved by administration or teachers.CONSEQUENCES FOR VIOLATION OF THESE EXPECTATIONS AND PROCEDURES:By signing the PERMISSION FORM, you commit to the student expectations and understand the consequences for violation. In the event a student breaches any part of the Digital Citizenship POLICY and/or CHROMEBOOK PROCEDURES AND EXPECTATIONS, consequences will be imposed by the school.Each situation will be considered independently and consequences range from a discussion about the rules and expectations regarding Chromebook usage and/or a complete withdrawal of access to all district technology. CHROMEBOOK REPAIRS:Chromebooks are durable and will hold up well to daily use wear. We understand that there will be times when a Chromebook has a needed repair. Data review also tells us that multiple repairs are the result of a lack of care. The district will follow this repair plan:1st Repair No Charge. Letter home.2nd Repair - Letter home and 1 week access limited to just school.3rd Repair - Letter home, meeting with building administrator and 2 week access limited to just school. 4th Repair - Letter home, meeting with building administrator and 2 week access limited to justschool.* If at any point, the damage is deemed to be purposeful the disciplinary process will be implemented and the student will be assigned appropriate consequences as outlined in our Code of Conduct. *
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