The Petite Chronicles Reader Survey Oct. 2018
Hi friends!! Thanks so much for taking this survey - it reallly means a lot! By answering the below questions, this will allow me to truly tailor my content and make my blog an even better resource for you. At the end of the day, I just want to be able to help you feel like a million bucks - whether it’s through style, yoga, a tasty new smoothie recipe 😂, etc. Thanks again for your time and being an awesome reader!
How would you describe yourself?
What keeps you coming back to my site? Is there anything you get here that you don't get from other blogs?
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What other types of posts can I be doing/doing more of to help you more/serve you better/make your life easier?
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When shopping for clothing, what do you usually feel comfortable spending per item?
Which best describes you in terms of age?
Where do you live?
What other blogs do you like to read? Why?
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Where do you typically like to shop online?
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Do you practice yoga? If yes, what would you like to see more of on the blog? If not, is there anything about yoga that you are interested in learning about?
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Are you interested in mindfulness/healthy living? e.g., meditation, mental health, wellness?
If you answered "yes" on mindfulness/healthy living, what specifically are you interested in?
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What are some of your favorite posts I've ever written? (Any that quickly come to mind)
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Areas of Focus for Future Content
Now I'm going to ask a few questions that will help me in focusing my content planning for the coming year.
Which of the following categories are your favorites when it comes to style related posts? Which would you like to see more of?
How about Beauty?
I've been transitioning more into "cleaner" beauty lately–is that something you're interested in too? Would you want more clean beauty content?
If you answered not really, is it because...
Advice + Personal Posts? Which ones would you like to see MORE of? Check all that apply.
Which would you RATHER see on my blog? (I always do a mix, but I'm always curious to see the breakdown here as it's changed over the years.)
Would you like your email address to be added to my newsletter subscription? If yes, please leave your name and email below.
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Anything else you'd like to add? Parting thoughts?
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