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Please use this form to apply to foster our rescue dogs while we find them forever homes. For required responses that are not applicable, simply enter "N/A".
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Household Information
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Fostering Experience and Preferences
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Do you have a space where your foster dog can be isolated from your own pets if need be? *
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Current Companion Animals
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Please notify your veterinarian to release information to Canine Humane Network for verification of vaccine records, etc.
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References and Legal
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Please provide a primary reference, name, phone number and relationship. *
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I agree that all statements in this application are made based on personal knowledge and are made for the purpose of my application to foster one or more dogs through Canine Humane Network's foster care program. *
I understand that a Canine Humane Network representative may visit my home for a home inspection prior to the approval of my foster application and I so consent. *
I understand that if I am approved for fostering I must fully read and sign the 'Foster Care Agreement', which is a separate document from this application, and that this 'Foster Care Agreement' is a legal contract between Canine Humane Network and a foster caregiver, and that this agreement must be signed before I am able to accept a foster for care into my home. *
I have read this application in its entirety and I confirm that all statements contained herein are made by me and are truthful. I hereby enter my full name as confirmation via electronic signature. *
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