Illinois Thespys (International Thespian Excellence Awards) 2023 - 2024
INSTRUCTIONS: Please use this form to register EACH THESPY ENTRY (ex: submit 1 for a solo performer, and again only 1 for a group performance, etc.) for the 2023-2024 Illinois Thespian Excellence Awards, or Thespys. 

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that an adult Troupe Director of the Thespian Troupe be responsible for completing this form.  To learn more about Thespys, the categories, the rubrics used, and more, please visit EdTA Thespy Awards.

FOR IN PERSON PRESENTATIONS: All entries must be submitted NO LATER than 11:59 PM on December 29, 2023 for IN PERSON presentations at ITA'S Illinois High School Theatre Festival (January 11 - 13, 2024)

FOR VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS: All entries/recordings must be submitted NO LATER than 11:59PM on January 11, 2024.

As a condition of completing and submitting this form, I understand that I will be sent an invoice for $15 for Thespians and $25 for non-Thespians. I also understand that if a non-Thespian student receives a "Superior" rating, they may not be eligible to attend the International Thespian Festival in 2024 until they are inducted.
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If registering a performance, please choose a category. Choose N/A if you are NOT entering a performance entry. *
If registering a technical, please choose a category. Choose N/A if you are NOT entering a technical entry. *
Enter the title of selection, and name(s) of playwright(s). Separate multiple selection titles and playwrights with a semicolon. *
Participant's first and last name. Separate duet/group participants with a semi colon between full names. *
Are all of the students inducted Thespians? *
Do you plan to: *
If you are presenting in PERSON, what conflicts do you foresee in your schedule (i.e., college auditions; performing in the All State, etc.)?
If you are NOT attending ITA's IHSTF, please provide a SHAREABLE LINK to your video uploaded to Google Drive. PLEASE be sure that you have made all videos accessible to ANYONE with the link. Copy and paste the link to this question.
Thank you! This entry has a $15 fee for Thespians and $25 for non-Thespians. If a duet or group has at least one inducted Thespian, the fee will be $15. An invoice to the email used to complete this form will be sent within two weeks of submission. If you are submitting multiple entries, we will do everything we can to email a single invoice. Please remit all payments to Illinois Thespians, 7500 W. Montrose Ave., Norridge IL 60706 on or before January 10, 2024. If you have any additional notes, or questions, please submit them here. *
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