LYF Personal Training Questionnaire
Welcome to my personal training and online coaching program! During this process, I will be guiding & educating you so you can achieve your health & fitness goals. Below is my Ready up questionnaire please try to answer all the questions. These questions are designed to effectively help Lyf create a personalized plan that fits your exact needs & goals.
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How many days a week would you prefer to workout ?
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Have you tried any previous dieting methods? If so how did it go ?
Any Food allergies ?
Do you have any past injuries that I should be aware of?
What do you find most difficult when it comes to the eating clean?
Have you ever meal prepped before ? If so how did it go?
Progress pictures are always important so if you are comfortable takes pictures of your Front, Back, & Side profile. These pictures will be day 1 so we can track your progress.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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