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Description of each position:

You are the voice of WPGU. Your knowledge, personality, and stories help to move the music along, 24 hours a day. Through this position you learn how to become an on-air personality, how to talk on air, how to use the WideOrbit software program, and how to operate a radio board.

You are the behind the scenes force. You create and edit commercials, intros, outros, etc. You use Adobe Audition to record and edit sound files. Through this position you gain the most software experience.

You have the technical knowledge to make sure our radio station broadcasts 24/7! You will work in a team maintaining the radio station equipment, creating solutions to technical issues, and bringing together remote radio station broadcasts, such as live Hockey games.

You are the hands on marketers. You build our image at events with the public and sales clients. You will work both on behind-the-scenes marketing, planning our future marketing efforts, as well as go to events are represent WPGU!

Web Writing:
You have the creative writing skills to capture an audience to read fascinating articles on our website. You would write a certain number of articles per week such as music news, concert reviews, album reviews, and create playlists for our website.

Social Media:
You manage multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) update our combined 6000 followers, and attract new ones.

You are aware of the alternative music scene’s newest updates and additions. You are in charge of researching new music, look at trends, and update our music playlist.

You would be part of our video-production team! You would be creating video-content for our station that would be shared on our social media platforms. Previous experience with video recording and/or editing preferred!

A new internship that will be available if demand meets it. You would be producing news reports, recording them, and uploading them to our system to play on-air.

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