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Bet Chaverim Religious School
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About Bet Chaverim Religious School
Bet Chaverim sees our youth as the architects, designers and builders of the future. Empowering Jewish children with a deep understanding of and connection to Jewish values, texts, rituals and culture sets them upon the path to lifelong engagement in Jewish learning and living. Bet Chaverim means “House of Friends,” and as such, we aim to foster a true sense of friendship and community as we work on our future together with our children and families through our enriching, innovative religious school program.

Bet Chaverim Religious School…
•Offers religious school classes for children in grades K through 7;
•Is solidly rooted in the learning and practical application of Jewish values;
•Offers dynamic, engaging monthly family programming and service projects centered around those values, as well as holidays, Shabbat and Israel;
•Emphasizes Hebrew fluency and comfort with religious services;
•Celebrates Jewish and Israeli culture, tradition and holidays; and
•Approaches religious school experiences through highly innovative, creative, project-based, deeply meaningful and relevant teaching and learning practices and experiences.
Program Information
Bet Chaverim Religious School is comprised of grades K to 7. Normally, we would meet on Sundays from 9-12 at Bet Chaverim Congregation’s building in Columbia, MD, and have mid-week online sessions for grades 3-7. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our program will begin as an online program for the 2020-2021 school year. A typical BCRS week will include a virtual Sunday experience, one-on-one Hebrew instruction and two family learning opportunities. Throughout the year, we will be reassessing our online program with the hopes that the pandemic will soon become manageable and we will be able to offer our dynamic learning in-person and in our new building.

Sundays will begin online at 9:30 a.m. for our b’nai mitzvah students. (This will change to 9:00 a.m. once we enter these students into a learning cohort on the Holocaust.) At 10:00, grades K-3 will join the b’nai mitzvah students in the online learning platform, and we anticipate this weekly online experience to be 90 minutes or so. Within this time, we will meet all together for davening, quick reflections on the week’s family learning activity, introduction to a Torah/value topic, and then we will have break-out sessions for both the older and younger groupings of students.

Our Hebrew program will be one-on-one with every student having a personal Hebrew Reading Plan. These single/private lessons will take place via Zoom at a mutually convenient time for the student and teacher. There will be simple review and practice on Sundays. As always, we ask that you, the parents, work with your child(ren) at home to solidify their Hebrew learning.

As part of our Religious School week, we are focusing this year on a Covid-inspired initiative for family learning to take place. Each week we will be sending home two family learning opportunities. These will often be Torah Study or Holiday related. We are encouraging all families to take their learning seriously, as our Sunday mornings will pick up where you leave off!

Every year we focus on 7 core Jewish values:

•Teshuvah (taking responsibility for your actions)
•B'Tzelem Elohim (honoring the image of G-d in ourselves)
•Gevurah (using one's inner strength and outer strength)
•Achrayut (doing what you can to make the world a better place)
•Hakarat Hatov (seeking joy and being grateful)
•Koach Hadibbur (understanding the power of words)
•Shalom (helping to create a more peaceful world)

This year we will be exploring these values through the lens of the Book of B'reishit (Genesis.) All grades will focus on the same value simultaneously, so children within families can discuss and share with each other. Our students will engage in chronological Torah study starting with the first Jewish family, Abraham and Sarah. We are choosing Torah study as a means of exploring Jewish values this year, as it will lend itself to more interactive virtual Sundays. We are also planning several more tours in Israel with our Israel-based tour guide, Moshe Gold, throughout the year.

Rabbi Kim will be joining us throughout the year for special visits and will help in creating hands-on at home learning activities with us. We are exploring virtual family activities for the start of the year, and High Holiday youth programming to take place throughout the High Holiday season.

For our returning students, we can't wait to see you soon.

We welcome with excitement our new students and look forward to having you and your family join our special learning community.

Tuition Information
Bet Chaverim Religious School tuition per student:

Grades K through 2nd
$1025 (Member)
$1325 (Non-Member)

Grades 3rd through 7th*
$1190 (Member)

Bet Chaverim offers financial assistance if needed. Please contact the Bet Chaverim Religious School DIrector at

*Bet Chaverim requires that the families of all students in grades 3-7 are synagogue members.

All program and supply costs are included in the tuition above (field trips may be additional cost).
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