CFC Building Pledge
After prayerful consideration, I intend to give towards the CFC Building fund for the purchase and renovation of the former Salvation Army thrift store at 76 Green Springs Highway. Below is my information.
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Please enter the total amount you intend to give towards the building campaign over the next three years.
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Shorter Giving Period
We know that many people at CFC are transient, so it is possible that you are not planning on being in Birmingham in 3 years. If you are aware of that and would like to give over a shorter period of time (0-2 years), please write below how you intend to give. (Example: $100 per month for 24 months or $500 per year for 1 year)
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Non-Cash Gifts
If you wish to give by means other than cash, please describe below and give an estimated value. (Example: 10 shares of stock valued at $80 each)
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