Remote Learners Meal Service Survey (Complete by 1 pm on the previous Thursday)
If your child is a remote learner, they will still have the option to order breakfast and lunch meal packs. Meal packs will contain food for the week (5 days).

When signing up, if you mark the box that you want your student to receive meals for the entire semester then you do not need to sign up each week. You are good to go until December.

PRICING PER STUDENT (based on state income eligibility guidelines posted on the Eastland website):
Free category: No Charge
Reduced category: B - $1.50/week , L - $2.00/week, B & L - $3.50/week
Full price category: EES student - B- $7.00/week, L - $12.50/week, B & L - $19.50/week
EJSHS student - B - $9.50/week, L - $14.00/week, B & L - $23.50/week

Mondays from 9:30-10:00 a.m. ONLY (if Monday is a holiday, pick up will be on Tuesday).
EES Meal Pick up will be in the back of the building on Hickory Street. There will be a sign on the door to identify which door it is, please ring the door bell, they will ask your name and then bring your meals out to you.
EJSHS Meal pickup will be just inside the main entrance at each building. Ring the buzzer, you will be let in and your meals will be right inside.

Contact Melissa McLain @ or call (815)493-6341 ext. 260
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