Green Owls Director of Development Application
Thank you for your interest in the position of CU Green Owls Director of Development!

The responsibilities of the Director of Development are as follows:

- Assist Green Owls Chair in the fulfillment of their duties
- Assist members in establishing and maintaining relationships with each other and with administration to expand Green
- Owls reach within and outside the org.
- Coordinate efforts with the Director of Finance and Director of Communications to properly manage co-sponsorships and other monetary donations that are to be used for Developmental activities
- Coordinate efforts with the Director of Communications to ensure transparency and understanding within and outside Green Owls
- Coordinate efforts to internally foster a healthy and thriving Green Owls relationship with outer affiliates and within the club itself
- Oversee a Development Committee, and ensure committee members are actively engaged within committee
- Ensure all Board and committee communication is maintained with the Slack platform

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