Wholesaling Lease Options Survey
Do you have any interest in learning more about Lease Options and how to wholesale them?
Would you be interested in learning how to use Lease Options to build long-term, cash flow wealth (via Sandwich Lease Options)
Have you ever done a Lease Option deal before?
If you're doing a lot of seller marketing right now, what are you doing with all the leads that don't have enough equity?
Do you have any interest in learning what to do with all those leads you are throwing away that don't have enough equity?
Would you rather only deal with nice homes in nice neighborhoods, or cheap homes in "not-nice" neighborhoods?
Are you looking for more ways to earn fast "now" cash AND cash flow for long term wealth building?
What are some of your most pressing questions about doing Lease Options?
I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to share your questions / issues / concerns!
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