Riley Park Fieldhouse & Garden Use for Events Application Form
The Riley Park Fieldhouse is located at the corner of 32nd and Quebec. Little Mountain Neighbourhood House was given space in the Fieldhouse by the Vancouver Parks Board in exchange for providing workshops, educational sessions and community meetings. The education plan is meant to bring community into a shared space, fostering social connections among community members. Activities within this space will support the core vision to improve food security, ecological sustainability and community development.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for inspired individuals and groups in the community to contribute by leading an educational workshop, information session or hands-on learning experience with one of the following themes:
- Food (for example food preservation: canning, drying)
- Art (for example painting, drawing, art appreciation)
- Culture (for example language, art, music, first nations knowledge)
- Community Connections (for example engaging citizenship, mapping assets)
- Ecological Education (for example gardening workshops, zero-waste initiatives, placed-based education)
- Other (get creative!)

Or, if you want to host a community meeting in the Fieldhouse or to use the garden for an event, please let us know.

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