Participating into the UM Language and Culture Day
FAH is to hold the second “UM Language and Culture Day” on 27 March 2019, continuously featuring “Value your own language; Embrace others’ cultures” with a series of exciting activities including the “International Language and Culture Fair”, “Cultural Runway” and various cultural activities and language workshops.

We are now looking for students and staff from all faculties and units who can:
(1) showcase their own traditional clothing;
(2) sing Auld Lang Syne in language other than Chinese and English
(3) or do other cultural performances;

We are so looking forward to seeing many of you in this fabulous event, which promises to be a memorable time for all involved!

Registration deadline: 18/03/2019

*A free local style egg sandwich, a small gift and smart points will be offered to performers.

Should you have any questions, please contact FAH - Lisa at 88228910 or

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