Future Interest
In order to further extend your understanding of college and career readiness, field trips were provided to local colleges and universities to see the academic environments available after graduating high school. Please take the time to answer the following questions about your experience, interest and thoughts.
I. Which college field trip location did you visit? *
2. How many times have you visited a college campus before going on this field trip? *
3. After the college field trip, what is the highest level of education that you PLAN to complete? *
4. After going on the college field trip(s), how interested are you now in pursuing an education beyond high school? *
5. On a scale 1-5, would you like to have another opportunity to go on a field trip to a college for next school year? 5=very interested 1=not interested *
6. Most adults at Holmes MS expect me to go to college. *
7. I can go to an adult at Holmes MS for help to prepare me for college or career. *
8. I know which A-G courses I need to take to get into college. *
9. I have had a meeting this year with someone on the Holmes MS staff to discuss my Individual Graduation Plan. *
10. Adults at Holmes MS encourage me to work hard so I can be successful in college or at the job I choose. *
11. What did you learn about going to college that you did not know before. Explain. *
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