Kaleidoscope CHS Urgent “Call to Action”
Dear KCHS friends, families, students and all supporters,

Because of you and your unwavering support, Kaleidoscope Charter High School has come a very long way from its early concept of a student-centered high school to its vibrant and exciting present-day focus to provide an innovative, 21st-century education to Morrisville families and other families in our region.

During every phase of the process to open our school, we have continued to meet the requirements and standards set by the State Board of Education and its Advisory Board, the Charter School Advisory Board.

Then, the Coronavirus pandemic came along and all North Carolina schools were closed.

When we reviewed the detailed school reopening guidelines from the American Federation of Teachers Union and information from the unabbreviated version of the CDC's reopening guidelines, we became concerned about how we might be able to open our school in a way that would ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. We also recognized that opening for face-to-face instruction would mean double bus runs, hiring additional teachers, split shifts, heightened cleaning protocols, and other efforts that might derail our new school. We also listened to the safety concerns our parents expressed in a survey we sent out last month. Weighing all factors, we ultimately made the difficult decision to delay opening Kaleidoscope CHS until the Fall of 2021. At that time we believe there might be a vaccine, and most certainly better information and state guidelines around schooling with the Coronavirus.

On May 11th, we presented our concerns about the Coronavirus and opening schools safely to the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB). We detailed the pandemic’s economic and safety impact on the opening of our school and shared that we have a guaranteed investor willing to build a permanent facility in Morrisville in time for us to open in the Fall of 2021. Unfortunately, the CSAB took the position that there was no demand for a student-centered high school in the Morrisville area, and vetoed our request to open in 2021.

We have the opportunity to speak in front of the Charter School Advisory Board early next month and would appreciate your support of our school. If you believe that a student-centered high school that offers a wealth of unique learning experiences has a place in our area, we need the CSAB to hear from you. Now, more than ever is your opportunity to speak up and be heard.

We are asking two things of you:
1) Please write to the Charter School Advisory Board indicating your support that a small, student-centered high school is needed in the Morrisville-area, (we’ve supplied you with sample email language below); and
2) Please complete the attached survey – the results of which will be shared with the Charter School Advisory Board.

Your participation in this effort is vital and so very much appreciated. By showing the CSAB how much Kaleidoscope CHS is needed and will benefit your family, all students who attend, and our community, we have a chance to be heard and a delay approved. As many of you already know, Morrisville doesn't presently have a high school. Let's continue to make a difference in this world, together! Thank you for your continued support of excellence in education. Your students and family have always been our number one priority. You always will be.

Please find below, the contact emails of the members of the CSAB:

You may send one email and copy all of the members. Please do this as soon as possible! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Chair - alex.quigley@dpi.nc.gov,

Please add our email so we know you voiced your concern:

Thank you again for your messages of support.

Kaleidoscope Charter High School
Board of Directors


Sample email to the CSAB:

Dear Charter School Advisory Board Member,

I am writing to voice my concern about an injustice that has befallen the Kaleidoscope Charter High School (KCHS) project to create an innovative charter high school in Morrisville, NC. My family and I understand how the COVID19 pandemic has affected our society and their enrollment and we would respectfully ask you to
re-vote on June 8th to allow the KCHS a 2nd-year Delay so their investors can help build a school in Morrisville while the pandemic response from the CDC and vaccine is found.

As a resident of the Triangle, I would very much want a high school in Morrisville especially if it is a “student-centered” high school because studies have shown students enjoy school more when they have more ownership of their education.


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Most experts agree that a child's best learning environment is one that addresses the child's individual learning style, communication skills, and intellectual curiosities. They also agree that a one-size-fits-all environment fails to accomplish that. In view of the fact that Kaleidoscope Charter High School will offer an environment that is customized to fit individual needs by providing a variety of exciting and challenging approaches, how confident are you that this style of educational delivery will meet the needs of students in our community-at-large? (select one) *
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