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Thanks for taking the time to submit a creative workshop to M.Y.O ('Make You Own'). We love hearing about new creative workshops that we could host with you under the M.Y.O umbrella!

The M.Y.O mission
We (Diana & Sam) want M.Y.O (www.MYO.Place) to be THE go-to place for people to get creative, have some fun and relax. Being creative has numerous benefits and we want it to be accessible to all adults. We think the world could do with some more creativity and colour!

Please share this form with people you think may also want to host a creative workshops with us :) -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUtREhKGLB5uBFPJBrPLsG_C8SmViIyfRDvLAaPXAYSEmAKA/viewform?usp=sf_link. We can't guarantee we'll get back on each one, although we'll try our damndest, but if we think it might fit with what we are about and trying to do, we'll get in touch to arrange a meeting to see how we get on with each other and to run through the finer details.

Thank you,

Diana & Sam

P.s. You rock! #mycreativefix #madeatmyo

Have you been to a creative session in M.Y.O? *
Write a title and paragraph on the creative workshop(s) you'd like to host with M.Y.O? Include details on how long it might take (e.g 2.5 hours) and if it would / could be a 2/3 part series. *
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For the workshop(s) you suggested, include details on rough cost per person (materials wise), any specific equipment required (we have a lot ourselves, but good to know) and what you'd want to be paid for hosting the workshop(s) in total (excluding material costs). *
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Please provide some further details on your experience with hosting workshops in general and with the particular workshops(s) you are proposing. Include relevant links to photos etc of the output of the class (e.g. if you do a lot of textiles, include the link to Pinterest, Instagram, your Etsy shop showing what you make). Images are great at helping us get a sense for what is possible! *
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If there are general availability considerations, please include them here. E.g. if you could only do during the day on the weekend, Mondays or Tuesdays etc etc
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Finally, we'd love to hear about why you want to host creative workshops with M.Y.O and why you might be as passionate as us about helping adults explore their creative side. We love doing it, but want to get a sense of whether you will too! So, what's the why here? *
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