The Artist Lodge Volunteer Application
Interested in volunteering at any of the 2019 Artist Lodge events?
If so, please read the application carefully, and answer the questions below!

Boys & Girls Club of Stanton
11050 Cedar Street
Stanton, CA 90680

- The Artist Lodge is a Pop-Up Artist Showcase presented by HumAlong Productions. Modeled after the Artist Alley at a Comic Book Convention, our goal is to give up-and-coming artists a friendly place to network and sell their work at a small venue before they move on to bigger conventions so that they can get a taste of what it’s like. We also like giving fans and art lovers who can’t afford to go to a convention an opportunity to meet some of the artists that they may follow online, or even to find someone entirely new to follow!
- The Artist Lodge is held a few times a year in Orange County. Besides the art vendors, the Artist Lodge also features a themed gallery curated by and comprised of local artists, food trucks, live music, raffles, cosplay/life drawing, a scavenger hunt, cosplayers, art workshops, and so much more!

- This application is ONLY for being CONSIDERED as a VOLUNTEER at the Artist Lodge event. This is not the application for vending, joining the gallery, or curating a gallery.
- This application will act as your contract should you be chosen to volunteer at an event. We will send you a copy of this contract for you to refer to if you're chosen.
- The Artist Lodge reserves the right to deny acceptance to any person that we feel does not fit in with the Artist Lodge environment, is against our moral or ethical code, does not reach the standard of artwork we are accepting, or does not follow the below policies.

- Should The Artist Lodge decide that they would like to include you in a show as a volunteer, they will contact you via email at least a month in advance of the show.

- The Boys and Girls Club of Stanton – 11050 Cedar Street, Stanton, CA 90680
- The space is a smoke and vape free environment. If you wish to smoke at the event, we ask that you cross the street and do so in another location, at least 200 yards away from the building entrance and the vendors.
- Restrooms are available on site.
- A Food for Less and a McDonald’s are 5-minutes away by foot in case you need food.
- You MAY NOT touch or use the pool tables and other games that are located in the location lobby. You MAY NOT play with any of the items in the classroom unless you have direct permission from a Boys and Girls Club employee.
- This event will happen rain or shine, and will only be canceled in the event of inclement weather unless there is a high risk of danger
- We love this location and its management staff. We ask that you be mindful and respectful of the space and its owners so that we can continue having events at this venue

- Marissa Suto is the Coordinator and Creative Curator of the Artist Lodge events. She is your contact before, and at the event. She will likely be running around the event, and/or can be found at the HumAlong Productions booth if you need any information
- If you need to contact Marissa before the event, please do so by email:
- Volunteers will receive Marissa’s phone number prior to any events they are participating in for use in emergencies

- The Artist Lodge team and volunteers will be on location to set up starting at 12pm the day of the event.
- Set up includes the following:
◾ Carrying equipment and boxes of supplies from vehicles into the venue
◾ Laying out the vendor room floor-plan: Using tape to mark out booths and assign booth numbers
◾ Pulling chairs out of storage and arranging two at each booth placement
◾ Moving furniture and setting up classrooms for art workshops
- Vendors are allowed to begin loading-in at 3pm and must be completely set-up by 4:45pm
◾ Volunteers may be stationed outside to direct vendors to the loading-zone and show them where to line up

- Those helping set-up the gallery will be working directly with the Artist Lodge Gallery Manager Amber Suto
- Set-up includes the following:
◾ Moving/carrying heavy gallery walls and positioning them
◾ Carefully carrying boxes of artwork and helping to organize them
◾ Helping install artwork on walls/pedestals
◾ Helping tag and hang prints
◾ Decorating the gallery room
◾ Setting up the refreshment table

◾ Volunteers may be asked to take photos during the event for use on the website and social media platforms
◾ Walking through the vendor room and checking in on vendors and attendees, answering questions
◾ Supervising the artwork in the gallery, making sure nothing falls and that nobody but gallery personnel removes the artwork from the walls
◾ Assisting in sales in the gallery or at the snack-bar
◾ Ensuring that the refreshment tables remains stocked while supplies last
◾ Checking on the restrooms, ensuring their cleanliness
◾ Maintaining the property of The Boys & Girls Club (guests may not use the game tables, or any materials found in the classrooms such as books, supplies, computers, etc)

- The Artist Lodge is scheduled to end at 9:30pm, but if the show is slow and there are no customers we may announce that we are ending early. Unless we announce that we are ending early, or the vendor has special permission from Marissa, no vendor may begin to break down their booth until 9:30pm. Vendors may not pull up to the loading zone until they are fully broken-down.
- Break-down includes the following:
◾ Pulling up tape from the ground
◾ Stacking and putting away chairs
◾ Ensuring that vendors are fully broken down before pulling into the loading zone
◾ Volunteers may be stationed outside to direct vendors to the loading-zone and show them where to line up
◾ Sweeping

- Break-down includes the following:
◾ Carefully taking artwork off of the walls and wrapping them or returning them to attending artists
◾ Putting gallery walls away
◾ Cleaning up and breaking down the refreshments table

- The Artist Lodge is scheduled to end at 9:30pm, no vendor may begin to break down their booth before then (unless otherwise coordinated with Marissa Suto or in the event of an emergency). Vendors that pack and leave before the event is over will not be invited back to future events
- At the end of the show, we ask that vendors stack their chairs and pull up all the tape on the floor that designated their booth space.
- Vendors must be completely packed up by 10:30pm
- Cars will be allowed to pull up for loading once your entire display is broken down, ready to pack, and not before 9:45pm to allow attendees to leave first

- Volunteering at The Artist Lodge will not positively influence our decision to accept you as a vendor or gallery artist at any future event (i.e. you are not more likely to get a spot as a vendor or gallery artist in a future event just because you volunteered)
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