Last Regiment Beta Testing
The closed beta starts on May 18, 2018. For more details about the game, visit or watch the video below.
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Real name not required, just how you would like us to address you. You can use your in-game, Discord, or Reddit username here. As much as possible, please use the same (or the most similar) name in all platforms.
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Where we can contact you and send updates about the game.
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Discord Username
If you would to join the beta discussion on Discord, please send us your username (including the number tag) so we can add you to the private channel.
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Do you play the following kinds of games? *
If none of the options apply, please enter other games you've played that might be similar to Last Regiment.
Do you play indie games? *
If YES, please name some of them under "Other".
On which devices are you available to beta test? *
Check all that apply. Note that the beta is only available on PC, but we'll need this info to notify you as other platforms become available.
The version of the game you are about to play lacks polishing, fine tuning and may include some bugs. So we strongly advise our testers to refrain from STREAMING or recording any part of the game and posting it to any social streaming sites (Youtube, etc). *
Testers are at liberty to discuss the game publicly in social media (Twitter, etc), talking about in stream, take pictures and invite others to join the beta.
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