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At Groupmuse, we want our website and in-person events to be as inclusive, accessible, safe, and respectful as possible. We expect all community members to observe our Community Standards ( We're so sorry if you had an experience that did not reflect these values.

Please fill out the form below to document inappropriate conduct and issue a report with Groupmuse. You may only fill out the report if you have been the subject of this conduct.

A member of the Groupmuse Team will review your report and respond within 2 business days. If warranted, the reported user will be notified of the offending behavior and of the date and location, but all other details will not be shared in order to preserve your anonymity (unless you ask us to share your personal info). If the reported user is found responsible for a serious offense, we may take more serious action.

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We may send a warning, suspension, or other consequence to the person you are reporting. If the problem was so serious that you would feel endangered by us sending that, please indicate that here. *
You may wish to contact the police or legal counsel.
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