St. George Allentown Good Faith Pledge and Volunteer Form
Fellow parishioners, our new Good Faith Pledge & Volunteer system is a first step in moving from a system of dues and financial qualifications for voting membership to one of stewardship. The word “stewardship” means practicing our gratitude to God for all that we’ve received through action.

Our Parish Council’s mission in stewardship is to help all parishioners feel the joy and spiritual fulfillment you get from being an active contributor to the caring for others, to your church’s missions, and to spreading the love of Christ to our larger communities.

In order to qualify for Voting Membership for ecclesiastical year Sept 2020 – Sept 2021 and any other future votes, you must:
1. be a registered member in good spiritual standing
2. have this pledging card on file, and
3. make at least one pledge of any amount, under your individual or shared giving number.

Completing this form with your commitment also enables your Parish Council to improve budgeting and planning for investing in our church growth and charitable outreach. We won’t “check” or compare between pledged amount and actual giving - increase or decrease it anytime, and communicate any changes to help us serve you even better.

Together, our time, talents and treasure will strengthen our community! Thank you for supporting your church.
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