Y.M.B.A. Class Service Request (CSR) Purchase Order Agreement
Y.M.B.A. is a popular choice for families. Y.M.B.A. offers families who educate their children in a homeschool, charter school, private school, public school, co-op, or similar, a fun experience with relevant curriculum while keeping a focus on enjoyment and comprehension to build a foundation for success.
This CSR provides a method to establish an account for your group at a discounted rate.
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Parent/Guardian Experience:

Upon receipt of the Class Service Request (CSR) each parent/guardian email will receive a unique registration form that will remain active for the same length of time as indicated on the CSR. The parents/guardians will use their custom form to request and register for classes. Upon receipt of the class registration form, a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. Questions are invited at info@ymbagroup.com with a reference to the group name and how we may assist anytime.
Payment Options:

Special, group rate CSR pricing is available at a discount prepayment rate of $24 per month with the registration of a minimum of seven students per month when the invoice is prepaid on or before the first of the given month. After the first of the month, the invoice rate is the standard $29 per month per student. Invoices are sent by email (a) when a CSR is first set up, (b) just prior to the first of the month, (c) when a balance is due. CSR’s often cover more than one month; do let us know if your group would like a combined invoice for checkout. To bring an end to your CSR send an email to info@ymbagroup.com. Invoices are sent by email and are not able to be prorated; service stops need to be emailed before the first of the month to avoid the month invoice from processing and becoming due. Invoices are due no later than the last day of the month that is being invoiced. For example, an invoice dated May 1 is due on or before May 31. Past due invoices may be subject to account cancellation and collections and can be considered for reactivation upon review and request.
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Thank you for choosing to support learning with Y.M.B.A. We look forward to working with you. Questions? Email us anytime at info@YMBAgroup.com
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