Society of Fellows CA Event Request Form
Use this form to suggest an event or to request funds from TSRI.

The SoF sponsors and organizes many social, professional, and networking events each year.

We encourage TSRI members to submit event suggestions they are interested in.
Selected events can receive funding and support from the SoF.

For additional questions, please contact the SoF at, or attend one of our monthly meetings.

Requirements for event suggestions
To suggest an event to the SoF the following is required:
1. Submit this completed event form
2. Contact the SoF ( to follow up on your suggestion and coordinate a time to attend an SoF meeting to talk about your suggested event to the SoF attendees.
3. Attend an SoF meeting (see our meeting schedule on our website and present your suggested event
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Amount requested/support requested (include total cost of the event, how much is requested from SoF, what is the money going to be spent on; how SoF is expected to help e.g. put up fliers, send out emails, etc) *
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Benefit to SoF and TSRI postdoc community (include if a similar event has been held in the past, and the previous event's budget, attendance, organizer) *
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