Capital Region Dressage Rally 2019
Greetings and welcome to the Capital Region Dressage Rally registration form. Please read all information thoroughly to complete your online registration accurately.

This rally will be held on April 14, 2019 at Bascule Farm in Poolesville, MD. This rally is open to qualifiers (for USPC Champs, 2019) and for non-qualifiers. This online registration is for individual entries. Your DC or CA from your club/center will submit teams to the organizer. The organizer will create final teams based on input from the club and center leaders as well as the total number of participants. All riders and stable managers should register using this form. Any member competing in this rally will be expected to be engaged from set up through the conclusion of the awards ceremony. We are looking forward to a full day of great riding and horsemanship, too!

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If you are not a member of Capital Region, please list your Region, Pony Club, and Regional Supervisor's name. You are welcome to participate in this rally, but we must have an okay from your RS. Please have he/she contact Cheryl Clark, RS CRPC, Thank you!
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Age (Please just list a number; (i.e.8 or 12) Horsemasters may use HMX if preferred. *
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Your mount's name (please type the name that you would like used in the program and for announcements). If you are a stable manager please enter SM. *
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Are you sharing your mount with another rider in the competition?
If you are sharing a mount, please list the name of the competitor with whom you will share. (Please give first and last name only)
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My mount has a current negative coggins. Please enter the accession number (letters and/or numbers only) and date of draw. Please note that you will be asked to show your coggins upon arrival to Bascule Farm on the day of the rally. *
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Please choose a competition level for the rally. Non-qualifying division is meant for those who are not eligible and/or those who do not wish to qualify for USPC Champs 2019. Qualifying and Modified divisions are meant for those who wish to qualify for USPC Champs 2019. Qualifying Divisions should either ride a musical freestyle or a pas de deux. Modified and Non-qualifying Divisions do not need to ride musical freestyles. You will have an option to ride a musical if you so choose but it is not required. Please check with your coach, or CA/DC if you have questions about tests or divisions. *
Musical Freestyles, Pas De Deux, Quadrille: Qualifiers will compete in this phase of the competition. Please arrange to have your music available in electronic form to your DC/CA before the rally begins (i.e. I-Pod, phone, computer). Your DC/CA will be collecting all of the music from their center/club to provide to organizer. Please see your DC/CA for explicit instructions. Will you be riding a musical freestyle, pas de deux or quadrille? *
For Capital Region Members only: US Pony Club Championships will be in July 2019. Please indicate your preference for qualifying or non qualifying. This is just meant for advanced planning purposes; you are not held to your answer here! Please know that there are costs associated with going to champs (registration fee, transportation fees, hotel accommodations, etc.) *
Our rallies need volunteers to run smoothly and produce a positive experience for everyone. All competitors are asked to offer a volunteer with the exception of stable managers. We will need help on Saturday, April 13th for set up and Sunday, April 14th for the rally and clean up. Please enter your volunteers first and last name below. If you are a stable manager, you may enter "SM" for all volunteer questions. Please list your volunteer name. *
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Volunteers, please indicate your preference and willingness for the jobs below. We will not ask you to be involved in volunteering at the exact time your child rides. We will make allowances for you! Please check "yes" to all jobs that you are willing to do. Please pick at least 2 jobs. We will distribute jobs equitably. We will send volunteer jobs out as soon as possible via email. *
Yes I am willing to do this!
No I am not cut out for this
Arrival and parking (arrive 15 minutes before first trailer! Help direct cars and trailers; help with set-up (tents, chairs, etc) We will give you clear directions.
Gate Keeper (warm-up and competition rings, we can train you)
Scribe (write for horse management or dressage judges; experience helpful, but not necessary)
Runners and General Assistants (take items including scores to and from judges/scoring)
Scoring Assistants (work with head scorer and learn the ropes)
Announcer (make PA announcements and announce riders)
Hospitality (arrange for and deliver to judges and officials water, snacks, lunch. Arrange for water at each ring for competitors)
Awards and Thank you's (prepare for awards ceremony; arrange for written thank you's from competitors to organizer and officials)
Rally Clean up (Everyone will be responsible for rally cleanup. There will be no awards until everything is put away)
Musical Freestyle Sound Engineer (organize and play music for each rider; set up is easy - even for the moderatly skilled!)
I'm open to help as needed!
I am available to help with Saturday set up. *
The fee for this rally is $85 (regional members) and $100 (out of region members). Rising star fee is $30. There will be no sibling discount for the rising stars.Regional members may use the sibling discount for each sibling (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc) after the initial family member. Sibling discount amount is $72.25. Checks should be made out to CRPC. Payment should be submitted to your DC or CA and there will be a PAYPAL link on the Capital Region website. Late payments will result in late fees ($25). All payments must be postmarked by the 4th of April. Please be on time! *
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