Freelance Task Force Information Distribution List
Hi All! It is Leo and Leigh. We were voted onto the Freelance Task Force by RSC freelancers. If you would like to be included in our distribution list we will send out information about what the Freelance Task Force is doing and any other things that may be interesting or useful to keep you up to date over this period.
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Have you worked as a freelancer for the RSC? (If you haven't it does not mean you can't have the info! It is so we can check that we are doing our job of reaching freelancers beyond the RSC as well!) *
Would you consider yourself to be at the early stages of your career? *
Would you like to be informed about Task Force Developments? *
Would you like to be informed about other developments in areas that may impact theatre freelancers? For example, government policy changes; advocacy groups such as Freelancers Make Theatre Work; potential funding streams. *
Do you have access needs if we were to hold online meetings, send information via email, etc?
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If you have access requirements please provide more details. (The task force has a very small budget that we can apply for a portion of as necessary. It may not be enough but Leo and I will try our absolute best to make sure that everyone can engage with this process.)
Get in touch!
If you would like to contact us in more detail about any questions or concerns that you are currently experiencing due to the impact of Covid 19 on the theatre industry please get in touch with us:

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