How secure are the factory default WPA passphrases?
Most home broadband router come with a WPA passphrase already preset. Using WPS based setup, some user may never see this key and other may rely on its randomness (which may be better than user generated keys if done well).

Please help us to make overview of the default passphrase strength for different brands of home router. Please add your router also if it comes with a good key.

The resulting list of this passphrase properties will be published and regularly updated on our site:
Identifying your router
Brand *
e.g. Belkin
Model *
use the popular name e.g. Surf N150 (answer with "?" if unknown)
Product ID / Model Number *
use the more technical detailed name maybe including hardware revision e.g. F7D1301 v1 (answer with "?" if unknown)
Passphrase properties
Please answer the following questions only based on the WPA key that came shipped with your router and is either printed on the device itself or in some documents that came with the device.
Does your router have a predefined WPA passphrase? *
Total number of characters of the WPA passphrase
number between 8 and 63
Number of lower-case letters (a..z)
number between 0 and 63, no accented letters; if none, answer with 0
Number of upper-case letters (A..Z)
number between 0 and 63, no accented letters; if none, answer with 0
Number of numerical digits (0..9)
number between 0 and 63; if none, answer with 0
Number of special characters (everything not yet covered)
number between 0 and 63; if none, answer with 0
Which of these special properties holds for the WPA passphrase?
More detailed findings and not yet covered aspects
Did you find something else strange with the passphrase? If you observed one of the properties before, can you give some more details? Maybe you can describe how the passphrase is build, if it looks like it is structured?
Just two questions, we are really curios about.
How old is your router?
How did you got your Router?
Contact Information
As we do some validation of the entered information, we may need to contact you to verify the data or to get more details. Providing contact information is optional, but the answers may get deleted if they are falsely identified as outliners.

Furthermore, we are also doing other projects with router and it would be great, if we could ask you to answer some more questions in another questionnaire or if we could contact you to verify a finding on your router.

But even if you do not provide any of this information: Thank you for helping us.
Email address
We use this address only if the data has to be checked, otherwise it is not shared with anyone else.
Future projects
We are doing other projects with home router and many properties can only be checked by looking at a lot of devices of the same type or of different brands. Therefore, we are also looking for future helper.
Thank you!
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