Dogs XL Foster Questionnaire
Fosters have complete discretion in selecting dogs that are appropriate for them, however we ask that fosters keep an open mind. Our foster team has a lot of experience matching families with dogs that are a good fit for their lifestyles. Depending on whether a dog is coming to use directly from a shelter or from a previous foster home, the amount of information we have on each dog varies. Sometimes a dog that has the physical characteristics that you prefer may not be a good fit for your family. Safety is our concern, first and foremost, especially for foster families that include children. Remember, this dog is only staying with you on a temporary basis; each dog doesn't have to be your dream dog.

We encourage foster families to participate in selecting the right adoptive home for their foster dogs.

Fosters should expect their foster dog to remain with them until a suitable home can be found (sometimes a couple of days, but usually a couple of weeks or a couple of months.)
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Dogs XL is a Maryland based dog rescue. Foster families must live in Maryland or an adjacent state because foster families must be available to come to Maryland regularly to pick up supplies and meet with potential adopters. Our veterinary partners and adoption event locations are also limited to this vicinity.
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Do you have a fenced yard? *
Note: Fosters are NOT required to have a fenced yard. This information helps with foster matchmaking
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What is the maximum number of hours dog will be left alone each day?
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Which of the following best describes the composition of your home? *
Names of other adults in home and relationship to you: *
Live in significant other, parents, roommates or anyone who lives in the home and would participate in caring for the foster dog
Ages of children who live in/ regularly visit your home? *
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How many resident dogs live in your home? *
Living in my home, there are: *
Resident dogs are:
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Resident dogs are:
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Do any resident dogs not get along with certain types of other dogs?
Some dogs get along with female dogs better than male dogs; other dogs prefer dogs that are smaller than they are. Some dogs dislike very active dogs. Please note any characteristics that would illicit an unfriendly reaction in your dog.
Do any cats or other small animals live in your home? *
Do you have a sex preference? *
What is your size preference? *
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What age dog do you prefer? *
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What energy level do you prefer? *
List any breeds or physical characteristics you prefer?
(ex: Color, Length of Fur, etc.)
What characteristics/behaviors concern you most? *
Aggression/ Resource Guarding, Housetraining/ Marking in Home, Jumping up, Chewing, Mouthiness, Getting Along with Other Pets/ Children etc.)
Does your home have any pet restrictions? If yes, please provide details:
(Maximum Weight, Breeds Prohibited, Maximum # of animals, etc.)
Are you willing to work on behavioral issues with a dog trainer? *
( Note: Training for foster dogs would be paid for by the rescue and would likely take place at the home of the foster family)
Recent Pet History *
(PLEASE INCLUDE ALL PETS THAT RESIDE IN HOME EVEN IF OWNED BY ROOMMATE OR OTHER PARTY) Please include Name, Sex, Species/Breed, Age of Pet When Adopted, Length of Ownership, Where is the Pet Now)
Name and phone number of the vet you use for current & recent pets:
(Please provide the name on the veterinary record if it differs from your current name)
Are all pets living in your home spayed or neutered?
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Do you rent or own your home? *
If you rent, please provide landlord name & phone #:
At what times of day are you generally available for a 30 minute phone screening? *
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When are you hoping to bring a new foster dog into your home? *
(If you have travel plans, a personal or work obligation, or other life event in the near future, please select "Other" and write in the specific date after which you are available to bring home a dog)
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