Customer Feedback - Christmas Visit
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What type of business are you?
What did you particularly like about this years Suma Christmas Brochure? (Top three)
How much influence did our Christmas Brochure have on your decision to order your Christmas stock from Suma?
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Key reason
Which other suppliers have you used for your Xmas stock this year?
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What are the key reasons for choosing additional suppliers (Choose 3)
What is your best selling line this Christmas (Name multiple if you want!)
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Are there any products or categories that you would like us to list for Suma 2017 Christmas Brochure?
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When did you finalise your Christmas 2016 pre-orders?
How can Suma make it easier for you to pre-order your Christmas stock?
What changes would you suggest for Suma's future Christmas Brochures?
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How else could Suma support your Christmas activities?
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Would you use an online brochure instead of a printed brochure
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