Puppy Questionnaire
This form is not to be nosy, but to help you think through some steps to be prepared to bring your baby home. We are here to support you and help you make this transition as easy as possible. Having a puppy is hard business. They will try your patience on every level and they will continue to do it for at least 1 year. What you do in this time will determine what kind of dog you have so every choice is critical! If you condone it, then you own it. Be very careful what you condone.
We believe in crate training, not matter how hard they fight against it.
We believe in chipping your dog and suggest they be registered with Home Again. You do NOT need to pay each year although they will encourage you to.
We believe in teaching your dog NOT to jump up on you under any circumstances.
We believe AND require spaying/neutering at an age appropriate time. Please discuss this with your vet. It is suggested that animals be spayed and neutered later than earlier thought. Discuss this with your vet.
We believe if you cannot afford to groom your dog every 6 to 8 weeks and take them for all of the age appropriate shots in the first year it is not time to get a dog. This includes heart worm and flea and tick control as well as regular worming.
We believe potty training is the hardest thing you will every do. Leash them to you and go often. It will be hard at first, but they are capable of training very early if you are truly consistent.
We believe a dog should not be left out in the home until they are over a year and can truly be trusted. They are not comfortable with the open spaces at first and will get in trouble to calm themselves. This will set your dog up to be very anxious. I pinky promise on this one.
We believe in training your dog. Whether it is with puppy classes, or privately or through Baxter and Bella, it is essential and don't be fooled. The training is for humans, not dogs.
We hope you will have a long lifetime of love with your doodle baby and we want to be here to support you. Keep in touch. Follow us on Instagram. Send a FRIEND request to A Doodle is Heaven to Love to keep up with Litter mates and other Doodleheaventexas Doodles. Like and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel DoodleheavenTexas.
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If gone for extended periods of time do you have someone to let the puppy out to go potty? *
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Does anyone in your home have allergies? *
Are you aware that puppies take lots of consistent training? They bite, and chew and jump for quite a while and are you prepared for this for at least 1 year? *
Are you aware that we have a strict, legally binding contract for spaying/neutering and that our puppies may not be used for breeding at any point, on purpose or accidental and are you comfortable with that? *
Are you aware that while we do lots of testing, dogs can still get various diseases and conditions of which we have no control over including hip dysplasia and other conditions of which there are no tests to predict? We also do our best to insure no to low shedding, BUT also have no control over that as well. Genetics can fool us. Are you comfortable with knowing this information? *
Are you in agreement with our policy of no refunds on deposits? We will move your deposit to a future litter up to 2 years for you to select another puppy if the timing is not right or the gender or puppy of your choice is not available? *
Do you agree to not re-home your puppy with a stranger without contacting us first to help you with this process should the need arise? *
Have you read our Website, especially the section entitled ADOPTION PROCESS and RESOURCES and are you comfortable with our process?
Clear selection
Have you read about the dogs we breed and the mixes we are working with. We are not working with FULL BLOOD AKC dogs. We are working with mixes to provide the best outcome for look, temperament and low to no shed animals. We have chosen our mixes very purposefully and with mentors who have helped us make the best decisions. Are you comfortable knowing that these are MIXED breed dogs and the mixes we are using as listed on our website. *
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