ASDAN Short Course Application
Parent/Carer's Name (please include facebook name if using our ASDAN for HE by Mountain Movers Support Group) and address for sending any certificates awarded. *
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Please provide the email address for sending all communications and course materials. *
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Learner's Name, Age and Date of Birth (Name, this is how it will appear on any certificates awarded) *
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Does the learner have any additional learning disabilities that the moderators should be aware of? Please note, evidence to support the need for reasonable adjustments will need to be provided to Mountain Movers via email *
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What is the name of the Short Course you are applying for? *
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Suitability for Short Courses
A photograph of a short handwritten statement by the proposed learner about who they are and why they want to complete the short course must be forwarded to the email along with this application form. This is for the moderators to access the suitability to complete a short course in consultation with parents/carers.
Please read the Distance Learners Policy. Do you agree to this policy and confirm that a photo handwritten statement by the learner will be forwarded to the email *
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