Sacred Waters Retreat Partial Scholarship 2020
Honoring Our Ancestors “Unearthing the Past, Healing Our Future”
May 22nd - 24th, 2020 | Brandon Spring Group Center | Dover TN 37058
Business Office: 226 Downer Dr. Clarksville TN 37042
Phone: 615.669.4351 / Email: | Register: click on Tennessee

Our Manifesto:

WATER. Water heals and purifies. It quenches our bodies and revives our spirit. We subscribe to the truth that Water is divine and moves through us all. It is for this reason Sacred Waters Retreat holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and Oceans.

We invoke the power of Water to bring women together through emotion, ritual and connection to the divine feminine. We are moved to provide compassionate, and healing space where women can feel safe and nurtured. We offer sanctuary in nature, and encourage fun and exploration as we unite joyfully with our ancestry through sacred ritual.

Some paths are best walked alone and some are walked in profound harmony with others. We want to celebrate your journey to reclaim the SACRED that lies within you. Join us and BE MOVED.

Due to the generosity of some sponsors and individuals who donate to our scholarship fund, we are able to offer a number of partial scholarships to the 2020 Sacred Waters Herbal Retreat for Women of Color. As we continue to grow, we see the importance of providing a safe space for ritual, relaxation and learning. The Founders of Sacred Waters Retreat seek a meaningful way to replace systemic injustice with the knowledge & skills necessary to heal and nourish our community. For this reason, scholarships are prioritized to those who demonstrate financial need and who fit one or more of the following criterion:

Women of Color who are experiencing real financial hardship

Native American women

Elders over the age of 65

Applicants who are granted one of our partial scholarships are responsible for paying the partial fee of $345.00.

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Sacred Waters Retreat is designed to challenge participants to reconnect to things that have been lost through generational trauma and emotional neglect. Our goal is to help women understand the depth of our presence on the planet and how our decisions, goals, dreams, daily lifestyle, relationships, self-worth, esteem, and nurturing habits or lack thereof have infected, affected & effected us. This retreat is about doing the inner work required to see your life in the highest light possible and how to move from thoughts towards positive manifestation. If you are selected for this partial scholarship you will receive a discount code via email. You will be required to pay a registration fee of: $345.00 plus a small registration service fee. Scholarship recipients will be expected to pay the entire amount at the time of registration (YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A PAYMENT PLAN). If you are having transportation issues we have a carpool rideshare board available (Please see our website and click on Tennessee.) You can add your name and location to the rideshare wait list. We also have shuttle service available for those flying into the Nashville, TN airport (BNA). All of this information is accessible during the registration process. If you agree to these terms, can pay your registration in full if accepted, and have answered all the questions on this form, please place the date in the space below as your digital signature. *
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