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William V. Husfelt III , Superintendent

This Bay District Schools Student Chromebook Contract is made effective as of the date of its signing between the School Board of Bay County, Florida (the "School" or the "District") and both the Student and Parent/Guardian signatories below (collectively the "Student" herein) and states the agreement of the parties as follows:

Students and their parents/guardians are reminded that use of District Technology is a privilege and not a right and that everything done on any District­ owned computer, network, or electronic communication device may be monitored by school authorities or subject to disciplinary action.

To understand the expectations of Bay District Schools’ Go Connect 1:1 initiative, students and their parents/guardians are responsible for reviewing the following documents which are incorporated herein by reference in their current form and as they may be amended from time to time.

1. BDS Interactive Telecommunication Use (Board Policy 2.128) https://goo.gl/zmm7ZE
2. Student Acceptable Use Policy ( signed by parents in Parent Portal) https://goo.gl/XL2ZwC

Equipment Subject to Agreement: The equipment subject to this Agreement includes the Chromebook and computer accessories in the following list (the "Equipment"):
One Dell Chromebook
One AC Adapter (with power cord)
One Protective Case

Ownership: The School shall be deemed to have retained title to the Equipment at all times. The Student shall hold no security or ownership interest in the Equipment. The District retains sole right of possession of the Equipment. The Equipment is on loan to the students for educational purposes only for the academic year during which this agreement is executed. . Moreover, the District's administrative staff and faculty retain the right to collect and/or inspect the Equipment at any time, including via electronic remote access and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.

Term of Equipment Use: The Student shall return all Equipment itemized above in good operating condition to the School's Media Specialist at the end of the school year or if the student withdraws from school. If the Chromebook is not returned at the end of the year or upon withdrawal from the school, then the district will assume you no longer have the Chromebook and the district will report the Chromebook as stolen to the Bay County Sheriff's Office. The School may require the Student to return the Equipment at any time and for any reason.

Contractual Term: The terms and conditions of this agreement shall remain in effect until the either of the following: (1) the Student no longer attends a participating District middle school; (2) the parties execute a new agreement that replaces this one; or (3) the District terminates the Student's participation and requires the Student to return the Equipment at any time and for any reason.

Equipment Storage and Use at School: The Equipment must be on the School’s premises during each of the Student’s normal school days. During the School’s normal business hours or after school, when the Student is not in the immediate presence of the Equipment, the Equipment must be stored in a secure location.

Use of Equipment: The primary use of the Equipment by the Student is for the Student’s educational programs. The Student may use the Equipment for other purposes only to the extent that such uses do not interfere with these primary uses. The Student shall abide by the Student Acceptable Use Policy at all times.

Indemnity of School for Loss or Damage: The Student assumes all risks of loss of the Equipment and agrees to return it to the School in the condition received from the School, with the exception of normal wear and tear. If the Equipment is damaged or lost due to negligence, the School shall have the option of requiring the Student to repair the Equipment to a state of good working order or to reimburse the School for the replacement cost of such Equipment. The cost of a new Chromebook is approximately $267.00.

Spare Equipment and Lending: If the Student’s Chromebook is inoperable, the School has a limited number of spare devices for use while the Student’s Chromebook is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for loaner Equipment. The Student may not opt to keep an inoperable Chromebook to avoid doing class work due to loss or damage. If the Student does not bring his/her Chromebook to school, the Student may be required to borrow a device from the School based on the direction from his/her teacher. Disciplinary action may result for failure to bring a fully charged Chromebook to school.

Parents’ Responsibility; Notification of Student Internet Use: Outside of school, parents, and guardians bear responsibility for the same guidance of Internet use as they exercise with other technology information and digital sources. Parents are responsible for monitoring their student’s use of the District's systems and educational technologies, even if the student is accessing the District system from home or a remote location.

Responsibility for the Chromebook The Student will:

1. Comply with the, District’s Authorized Interactive Telecommunication Use (https://goo.gl/zmm7ZE, Student Acceptable Use Policy( https://goo.gl/XL2ZwC), and Chromebook Procedures and Information Guide/Handbook

2. Bring the Chromebooks to school every day and make sure it is fully charged. (AC power adapter must remain at home unless otherwise requested by School) and keep it in the District issued cover.
(Note: A fully charged BDS Chromebook should last at least 8 hours).

3. Make the Chromebook available for random inspection by the School upon request.

4. Log in using his/her account provided by the District.

5. Not access other students' Chromebooks in any way.

6. Treat the Equipment with care and never leave it in an unsecured location.

7. Keep the Equipment in a protective case when traveling.

8. Promptly report any problems with the Equipment to the School media specialist.

9. Not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the Equipment including the keys, screen cover, plastic casing, serial number, other identification tags, or adding other stickers.

10. Not attempt to install or run any operating system on the Chromebook other than the Chrome OS operating system supported by the BDS.

11. Not change or attempt to change the configuration of software or hardware, nor remove any programs, media, documents, or web history.

12. Keep the Equipment device clean and will not touch the screen with anything (e.g., your finger, pen, pencil, etc.) other than approved computer screen cleaners.

13. Keep the Equipment in good operating condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear. The Student shall immediately notify the classroom teacher if the equipment is not in good operating condition or is in need of repair.

14. The Student may be financially responsible for repairs due to negligence.

Digital Citizenship: Students are expected to be a good digital citizen. Good digital citizenship includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Respect Yourself.​ I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will select online names that are appropriate, I will consider the information and images that I post online. I will consider what personal information about my life, experiences, experimentation or relationships I post. I will not be obscene.

2. Protect Yourself​. I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me. I will protect passwords, accounts and resources.

3. Respect Others​. I will show respect to others. I will not use electronic mediums to antagonize, bully, harass or stalk other people. I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites. I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate. I will not abuse my rights of access and I will not enter other people's private spaces or areas.

4. Protect Others​. I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications; I will moderate unacceptable materials and conversations, and not visiting sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate.

5. Respect Intellectual Property​. I will request permission to use resources. I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media etc. I will acknowledge all primary sources. I will validate information. I will use and abide by the fair use rules. I will abide by all copyright and file sharing policies, rules, or laws.

6. Protect Intellectual Property​. I will request to use the software and media others produce. I will use free and open source alternatives rather than pirating software. I will purchase, license and register all software. I will purchase my music and media, and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses. I will act with integrity.

Reminder: Students and parents have agreed to a District Acceptable Use Policy https://goo.gl/XL2ZwC
To learn more about Digital Citizenship, visit https://www.commonsense.org

Entire Agreement : This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.

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