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For the first time in an awards event in Romania, young people get to share their view of what drives the society further.

You, the young generation, also called Generation Y or the Net Generation, born between the ‘90s and early 2000, grew up in a tech era, and already show different priorities and expectations than the previous generations.

We want to understand how you see the Romanian society developing. Who do you believe are the game-changers and who are your local role models? What projects do you think will have a far-reaching positive impact on Romania?

Nominations for this award will come exclusively from people under 30, with at least 3 years of work experience, who work with companies that are members of chambers of commerce, business organizations or companies partnering the Romania Insider Awards.

To sign up for the panel which will make nominations and later vote the Young Generation Award For Contribution to Romanian Society, kindly fill in the following form. Please add your business email address, and not your personal one, to have your submission validated. You will then receive a personalized link to a nomination form. In September 2018, you will vote online to choose the award winner.

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