低調民宿 (Lowkey B&B)
Location of Lowkey B&B
Lowkey is located in Zhutian Village, Fuli Township in Hualien County, on the side of Golden Lily Mountain (Sixty Stone Mountain).Golden Lily Mountain is famous in Taiwan for its fields of citron daylily (Hemerocallis citrina). These golden yellow flowers are in full bloom in August and September of every year. You can view terrace fields while heading up to Lowkey. Lowkey covers an area of 110,000 square feet on gently sloped land and is at an altitude of about 1014 ft. Within the area of Lowkey, we have planted mainly fruit and you can see fireflies between the spring and summer.

As a family, we loving doing handcrafts, such as tables, chairs, covered walkways and so on. We purchase wood so we can turn it into handmade furniture. Our items might not be fancy or luxurious, but they are endowed with lots of our ingenuity and a sense of humor. When we meet travelers who appreciate this kind of atmosphere, our lives are enriched with beauty.

Owner of Lowkey B&B
I was away from my hometown for a long time, working my way up to the position of manager in one of Taiwan’s top corporations. As an office worker, I built our guesthouse, Lowkey, on land which my grandfather had left me. In the beginning, my parents helped with the day-to-day operations of the guesthouse. After I married my wife, who worked as a store manager of Starbucks, we had a cute daughter. Both me and my wife had successful careers, good pay and good positions in the north of Taiwan. However, when Lowkey was in its fifth year, we decided to give up our competitive salaries and hectic life to take over the management of our guesthouse. We wanted to give our family a great healthy environment and live a life full of happiness. The hope of giving our beloved child a more natural environment to grow up in and spending more time with my parents motivated us to move back to my hometown. We know that it will take lots of hard work and that we will face many unexpected challenges, but we think having a career you love with is more interesting than working in an office.

• By car
Take Provincial Highway No. 9 and turn left (southbound) / turn right (northbound) at traffic lights on 309K. Please follow the signs for “低調” (the Chinese characters for Lowkey) for about 1.5 KM.
(Route map: http://www.lowkey.com.tw/map.php)
• By Train
Take the train and get off at Fuli station (7 KM from Lowkey) or Yuli station (17 KM from Lowkey). You can choose to rent a car or take a taxi to Lowkey.

Important Information
• For guests without a Taiwanese passport, please use online the English version of our reservation system and use your credit card with PayPal to pay the deposit.
• There is an extra 5% service charge for paying by PayPal or credit card.
• Children under 3 stay for free.
• Please select “Adult” or “Child” if you want an extra bed during reservation.
• Check-in 15:00~20:00
Check-out 10:00 (no late check-out)
Complimentary breakfast, however, there is no lunch or dinner service
• No shuttle bus service. Please e-mail us if you need information about taxi services or renting a car.
• Please notify us at least 3 days prior to your arrival if you want to change the number of guests.
• Please be considerate to the other guests: try to lower your voice and keep quiet after 22:00.
• According to Taiwan’s Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act (THPCA), we will charge a NT$10,000 cleaning fee if guests smoke anywhere indoors. Please do not throw cigarette butts away anywhere on the property.
• We do not provide disposable toiletries such as toothbrushes or razors, but provide bath towels, shampoo and body soap.
• The owners of Lowkey can speak some basic English and Japanese.
• Things to consider before you make your reservation:
1. Be aware that we are in the countryside, so there some insects such as mosquitos that might make an appearance.
2. Illegal activities (drug taking, gambling, stealing, prostitution, etc...) are strictly prohibited.
3. Heavy drinking, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
4. Our guest house is located in a remote village, so the streets are narrow and the street lights are limited.
• Your deposit will be 50% of the room rate, excluding the extra fees such as extra bed service.
• Breakfast is free for each guest. You can choose either 07:30 or 08:30 when you check in. Meal time is limited to one hour.
• A cancellation fee will be charged according to the rules and conditions below:

date of cancellation cancellation fee alternative plan
on the arrival date no refund no
1 day before 20% of deposit refund no
2~3 days before 30% of deposit refund no
4~6 days before 40% of deposit refund hold for 3 months
7~14 days before 50% of deposit refund hold for 6 months
15 days before 100% of deposit refund hold for 1 year

 100% of the deposit will be refunded only if the Hualien County Government announces that a typhoon has made landfall on your arrival day.
 Extended reservation due to a typhoon will get 50% off.

click here for booking:http://www.kitravel.com.tw/booking/lowkey/index_en.html

Contact us
E-mail: lowkey309k@gmail.com
Line: lowkey309k
Tel: 0933-766153

Lowkey B&Bについて


Lowkey B&Bのオーナー

1. 自動車
2. 電車

● 台湾国籍をお持ちでない方は、インターネット上の英語のホームページをご利用ください。又、お支払いはPayPalを通じてクレジットカードをご利用ください。

● PayPalを通じてクレジットカードをご利用になると、料金に5%と費用がかかります。

● 三歳以上のお子様に関しては、お一人分のベッド料金がかかります。

● ご予約の際に、大人あるいは子を明記してください。記入がない場合は一律に大人の料金を請求致します。
● CHECK-IN   15:00~20:00
CHENK-OUT  10:00  退室時間をお守りください。

● 朝食はご提供致しますが、昼食あるいは夕食はご提供致しません。

● シャトルサービスは提供しておりません。車が必要の方にはタクシーの予約またはレンタカーの会社をE-mailでご紹介します。

● 予約人数を変更される場合は、ご宿泊の3日前までにご連絡ください。

● 夜10:00以後は、他のお客様のご迷惑となりますので、お静かにお過ごしください。

● 台湾菸害防制法によって、室内での喫煙は禁止されております。室内で喫煙された場合、清掃費として一万NTDの罰金を支払わなければならないことがございますのでご注意ください。タバコのポイ捨てはおやめください。

● 使い捨ての歯ブラシや髭剃りなどは提供しておりません。バスタオルや入浴洗剤類のみ提供しております。

● オーナーは基本的な日本語と英語が話せます。

● 以下のような方のご利用はお断りしております。
(1). 昆虫、蚊、ヤモリ、野生動物が苦手な方、田舎では室内にも昆虫が現れます。

(2). 違法行為をする方(薬物、ギャンブル、窃盗、公序良俗に反する行為)

(3). お酒の飲みすぎによる迷惑行為、大声を出しての喧嘩。

(4). 当民宿は田舎にあるので、道は狭く、街灯も多くありません。賑やかな場所がお好きな方はご遠慮ください。

● 予約金は宿泊費の1/2です。ベッドの追加料金は含まれません。

● 朝食は一人につき一人分ご用意致します。食事時間は7:30または8:30です。チェックインの際、お食事の時間をお選びいただけます。お食事時間は一時間とさせていただきます。

 予約のキャンセルについて
キャンセル日     払い戻し金額     宿泊日変更
当日         お戻しできません     不可
宿泊日前日      お予約金の20%      不可
宿泊日2~3日前    お予約金の30%       不可
宿泊日4~6日前    お予約金の40%      三ヶ月以内
宿泊日7~14日前    お予約金の50%       六ヶ月以内
宿泊日15日前     全額払い戻し       一年以内

 宿泊当日、花蓮県政府の台風警報など不可抗力による原因でお越しいただけないお客様には、ご予約金全額をお返し致します。その他、海上台風警報、地震、豪雨など、政府による発表がない場合やお客様ご自身の判断でお越しにならない場合は、ご予約金の返却は致しません。
 台風で宿泊しなければならない場合、宿泊料金は半額とさせていただきます。


E-mail: lowkey309k@gmail.com
Line: lowkey309k
Tel: 0933-766153

Lowkey B&B地理位置:
Lowkey B&B主人:
1、 自行開車前往。
2、 搭火車在富里車站下車(距離7KM),或在玉里車站下車(距離17KM),可選擇租車或搭計程車前來。

● 非本國人請使用線上訂房系統英語版訂房,並使用PAYPAL線上信用卡刷卡支付訂金。
● PAYPAL線上信用卡刷卡會加收總房價5%費用。
● 三歲以上不管您是否要讓小孩跟父母睡在同一張床上,都要加收加床費並且佔一個床位。
● 訂房時,請於備註欄註明加床是《大人》或《小孩》,未註明則一律以大人計價。
● CHECK-IN 15:00~20:00
CHECK-OUT 10:00 退房時間請勿商議
● 無法提供接駁服務,若需要協助預約計程車或尋找租車店家請EMAIL告知。
● 請依約定人數入住,臨時增減人數請入住三天前告知。
● 晚上10:00後請保持安靜以免影響其他旅客住宿品質。
● 依照台灣菸害防制法,經發現室內吸菸將酌收清潔費1萬元,並請勿亂扔菸蒂。
● 不主動提供拋棄式盥洗用品如牙刷刮鬍刀等,有提供大浴巾、洗澡乳皂類用品。
● 主人會說一些基本的英、日語。
● 不建議訂房的狀況
1、 懼怕昆蟲、蚊蟲、壁虎、野生動物者,鄉下地區房內可能會有小昆蟲出現。
2、 從事非法行為者(如吸毒、聚賭、偷竊、性交易…等)。
3、 於公共區域酗酒、大聲喧嘩、飲酒失態。
4、 本民宿較偏僻、道路小、路燈少、若需要熱鬧環境者請慎慮。
● 訂金為房價之1/2,不包含加床等額外費用。
● 贈送每人一份早餐套餐,用餐時間07:30或08:30 CHECK-IN時選擇一個時間,用餐時間1小時。
● 取消訂房賠償標準:
退訂提出日 退訂金額度 替代方案
住宿當日 不退費 無
住宿前一天 可退20%訂金 無
住宿前2~3天 可退30%訂金 無
住宿前4~6天 可退40%訂金 保留3個月
住宿前7~14天 可退50%訂金 保留6個月
住宿前15天前 可退全額訂金 保留一年

● 入住當日若花蓮縣政府發布陸上颱風警報等不可抗力因素,以致使無任何方法與任何路徑到達民宿者,可退全額訂金,其他包含發佈海上颱風警報、地震、豪雨…等政府未宣布立即造成危害之公告,且為旅客自我預期心理者不包含在內。
● 因颱風因素須強迫續住房價5折計算。



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