NJ COLA - 2018 Survey
The data collected from the survey will assist NJ COLA in providing programs of interest to our members and to better understand how our lake associations operate. All information specific to a lake association will be kept confidential. Thanks for completing this survey.
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Is your lake association designated as a Specially Exempt Facility for the NJ Public recreational Bathing Regulations? *
How many paying members do you have? *
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How many members are not in good standing? *
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Is membership in your lake association mandatory? *
Do you have different levels of membership (e.g. Basic, Club, etc.)? *
For each level of membership, what are the associated fees? If you have only basic membership, please include the fee.
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Do you charge late fees? *
If yes, how much is the late fee?
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Do you charge an initiation fee? *
If yes, how much is the initiation fee?
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Do you offer a Senior discount? *
If yes, what is the discount?
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Do you have a membership directory? *
If yes, is it made available to members upon request?
Do you have by-laws with rules and regulations? Check all those that apply. *
Does your membership vote on the approval of the budget?
Do you have set fines for Rules violations? *
Do you have a disciplinary procedure? *
Is your Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy incorporated in your bylaws or rules and regulations? *
Do you allow proxy and/or absentee voting? *
Do you have electronic voting? *
For collections, do you file lien claims or lawsuits in court. Select those that apply. *
Do you have a full-time paid manager? *
Do you have a part-time paid manager? *
Do you use an outside Management Company? *
Is your Manager licensed by Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) or some other designation? *
Do you maintain an ongoing lake water quality testing program? *
If yes, what is the frequency of lake water testing? Please select from list below.
Do you have a Water Quality committee? *
What company do you use for testing and treatment services? *
If you use more than one, please indicate what services are provided by each
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Please select from the list below the type of weeds that are troublesome in your lake(s). *
Please specify below weeds that are troublesome that are not listed above.
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Have you ever had to deal with blue/green algae? *
Have you ever used Muck Digesting pellets? *
Do you have problems with cat-tails? *
Do you have a problem with geese control? *
If geese have caused problems at your lake, what method did you use to control them?
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Have you ever had to close your swim area for high e.coli counts? *
How many lifeguards do you employ? If you don't hire lifeguards indicate "None" and skip to "Security" section "
How many lifeguards are on duty daily?
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How many beaches/pools do they cover?
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Do you hire lifeguards from within your community or do you use an outside agency?
Do you have a separate lifeguard committee to hire, schedule and supervise them?
What is your pay scale range for lifeguards?
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Are lifeguards required to check for membership badges?
Is your swim area open and available 24 hours a day?*
Do you have signs prohibiting swimming during certain hours? *
Do you have members that check for membership badges/wrist bands on a regular basis? *
Do you now or have you ever used a professional security agency? *
Do you have a security staff? *
Does your association have a liaison with your local police department?*
Does the association provide boat storage or dock space for members? *
Do you require boat decals? *
If yes, what is the cost of the boat decals and the on-site storage fee?
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Is there a maximum number of boats that each member can store?
Is boat storage allowed through the winter?
Are electric-powered engines restricted?
If allowed, what is the maximum horsepower?
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Are gas powered engines allowed?*
If yes, is there a maximum horsepower allowed?
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Are the size of the boats regulated in any way? *
Do you have lakefront dock regulations? *
Must docks be approved by the Board and/or a Committee? *
Do you offer social events for members? *
If yes, is there a charge for any or all of these events?
Does your association have a separate "Socials" ("Activities") committee? *
Do you have fund-raising events? *
Do you rent your facility (e.g. clubhouse) to members and/or non-members for private events? Please select all that apply from the following:
Does your association allow ice fishing? *
[If ice fishing is not permitted, select "No" and move to Communication section]
If yes, are the fishermen restricted to certain areas of the lake?
Are power augers allowed?
Are protective shelters allowed?
Is there a defined set of rules given to all members, including the number of holes permitted and distances from the shore line?
Do you have a website? *
Do you have a newsletter? *
Do you have a Facebook group for your association? *
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