Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera Proficiency Test
Please view the following videos and then complete the multiple choice questions below, based on the information provided in the videos.

Please note: only Members of the Blue Mountains Public Library and Wasaga Beach Public Library have access to this equipment at this time.

If you have questions about this test, digital arts equipment or require assistance please email:

It is important to provide accurate personal information so that Creator Space and the Library Partners can allow access to the digital arts equipment under your name and library card membership.
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How To: Intro to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
How do you attach a prime lens to the camera? *
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera: Cards and Media Offloading
How do you record video files on the camera? *
How to you offload the footage? *
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera: Recording Sound
How do you attach a Rode Wireless GO microphone? *
What type of power is required to allow the Boom Mic to record sound and how do you turn it on? *
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera: Attaching Directly to Video Tripod
How do you lock the camera plate to the tripod? *
How do you release the plate from the tripod? *
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera: Video Tripod and Pan and Tilt
How do you adjust the drag on the tilt function of the tripod? *
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera: Special Care with AC Power
How do you remove the AC power cord from the camera body? *
What is the ideal care for the Cinema Camera Kit when borrowing it from the library? *
We recommend watching the following videos to help prepare you for Digital Video production with the Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera Kit.
Intro to Video Production: Understanding Video Essentials
How To: LED Light Kit Set-up and Adding a Softbox
Exterior Digital Cinematography
3 Point Lighting for Digital Cinematography
Digital Cinematography: Dramatic Film Techniques
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