Femme Photoshoot Questionnaire
Hi hello soon-to-be-models ! Please fill out this form so I can gather some more information about you and we can move forward with a photoshoot !
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What are 3 words to describe yourself *
Where do you go in the city to feel peace? *
If you were a color what would you be? (be as specific as possible) *
When would you prefer to shoot
Do you have a location in mind? Could it be the same as the place you listed for Question 3? (It doesn't have to be fancy, we could shoot at your apartment, on a roof, in a park, at a coffee shop, whatever you're most comfortable with) *
Are you located in NYC (manhattan/brooklyn)? If not, would you be willing to come to the city to shoot? *
For organizational purposes, would you be comfortable communicating via email going forward? *
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I will be wearing a mask during all shoots, but do you have any specific requirements due to COVID19?
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