Datorama Certification: Partner Submission
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Datorama certified partner!

Before showing interest in Datorama, what should I be aware of?
A: The Datorama partner program is restrictive and requires investment in enablement, providing qualified business, and technical and support resources.

Due to the high level of governance we have over Datorama partners and their implementations we have created an entry into the program based on the following criteria:
1. Leads - Salesforce partners who can bring solid, qualified opportunities.
2. Execution - the ability to resource, deliver and implement our platform.
3. Cross Cloud Ability - Salesforce partners who have successfully implemented cross-cloud projects (i.e Marketing, DMP, and/or B2C Commerce).
4. Requires a current Salesforce System Integrator Professional Services Agreement (SI- PSA) for Datorama Expert Services, who will provide you technical support on the first three implementations to ensure success.

Please note that filling out the below form does not guarantee admittance into our partner certification program. Due to the high level of requests, we will reach out after reviewing your information when there is capacity for new partners.
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