Forest Day Program (fall/winter/spring)
We are so glad you are interested in having your child join the adventure! Wild Life, first and foremost, strives to be a safe, fun, and positive experience for kids and leaders. The following information is very important in preparing us all for an enjoyable experience. Please read carefully (one form per child).
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Does your child require medication during program hours? If yes, please specify:
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We do not guarentee a 'Nut Free' program, but we do ask all parents to send 'Nut Free' lunches and snacks. *
we need your help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
WLA Registration Conditions **Important Info!
We want this experience to be a positive one for all of our participants and leaders. The behaviour and personal condition of each child can affect us all, so...

● Wild Life Academy reserves the right to refuse registration or attendance if it is decided that the child cannot be provided with a safe and enjoyable experience.
● The program Director reserves the right to dismiss a child who, in their opinion, has displayed unacceptable behaviour and/or has not complied with the rules. Fees are non-refundable if a child is sent home for misbehaviour.
● If your child is found to have head lice or nits, you are required to remove your child from the program until such time as your child is free of lice and nits.
● Wild Life Academy may collect and use audio-visual material and photographs of your child for publicity and promotional purposes.
● If an insufficient number of participants have registered for a particular program, that program may be cancelled (with as much notice as possible) a refund of fees will be returned.
● Wild Life Academy is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Children must be able to independently;

- use the toilet and maintain their hygiene
- manage their food & personal items neatly
- manage their lunch/snacks & water intake
- change their swimsuit & clothes
- apply their sunscreen & bug spray
- put on their footwear, hats, mitts, & outerwear
- be aware of and communicate medical issues
- manage allergen and medical precautions
- stay with the group/leaders
- maintain non-violent behaviour and communication
- use appropriate and respectful language

Cancellation Policy:

We build and plan our programs, provide staffing ratios, and purchase equipment and supplies based on the registrations we receive. Because of this, we have found it necessary to implement a strict refund policy.

A 25% administrative fee applies for cancellations/refunds to all transactions. Fees are non-refundable within 30 days of the session start date.

What to Bring:

We have a lot of things planned for indoors and out. Please, be prepared by including all of the gear and supplies indicated.

Lunch & Snacks:

We are not a ‘Nut Free’ program but with your help we’ll do our best to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. We also want to limit the impact of throw away packaging. Please provide your child a Nut-free and Garbage-less cold lunch and a morning and afternoon snack. We may be preparing and/or providing food occasionally as part of our program, please ensure that you identify any food concerns in your child’s medical information.

Drop-off & Pick-up:

Times are indicated on the Forest Day Program webpage. We will not be available for care beyond the indicated times, with the exception of approved advanced arrangements. Please plan for alternative pick arrangements as needed - include an email, text, or note to us indicating the allowance of an alternate person picking up your child, including their name (if not included above).

Visit the program webpage at for more details.
By checking the box below; *
I understand and agree to the registration conditions, terms of service, and child behavioural expectations.
Registrations are processed after payment - After submitting this form, contact us to confirm your preferences are available (day/s of week) and continue with payment. *
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