CyberFi Beta Event
CyberFi team is excited to announce our BETA EVENT for the CyberFi platform. The registration for the Beta Event participation is now open.

Current version supports:
- Buy/Sell Limit orders
- Limit orders on LP management based on Price Triggers(exit and entry)
- Automated Exit from Liquidity Mining Events based on Price Triggers

To maintain the quality and speed of development, the group will be capped at 150 participants.

All Qualified Testers will benefit from:
0. Exclusive voting rights on New Farms and Liquidity Mining Events to be automated.
1. Access to the CyberFi Beta
2. Access to the CyberFi Beta group
3. CyberFi Beta Event feedback contributors will be the first to gain priority access to new CyberFi products.
4. Additional benefits for active testers.
5. Take part in the First Closed Transaction Mining Event of CyberFi.

CyberFi Beta Participants will also automatically take part in a closed Transaction Mining Event of CFi. To incentives use we will be spreading our tokens across users that have made trades through CyberFi proportionally to the volume generated.

To ensure the quality of future development we are looking for high-quality feedback. Therefore, we will give priority access to active DeFi users who will submit ETH address with multiple interactions with DeFi protocols.

To qualify for the Beta Event you have to:
0. For the Initial phase Hold at least 1000 CFi Tokens.
1. Be an active user of yield farming protocols and other DeFi products
2. Submit an active ETH address to prove interaction with yield farming projects
3. Commit to providing feedback

Please submit the following information and we will contact you shortly. The first approved users will have access to the CyberFi Beta starting from the 21st of December.
Email *
Telegram handle *
Twitter handle
ETH Address *
If you have any DeFi user scenarios that you would love to see automated - please share. Great ideas will be rewarded.
If you would like to contribute to the project please tell us about yourself and how you can add value.
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