Speech and Inclusion Meal Conversations
Thank you for your interest in the CSI events. Unfortunately, both the breakfast and dinner are full. We will be sharing the insights we gather from these conversations. We also invite you form your own conversation groups on 11/15 and discuss one or more of the questions below:

1. What does it mean to say that speech can be violent? What are the implications of a yes/no answer to this question?
2. What is the Middlebury community to you, and what is the role of free inquiry in that community?
3. Is disruptive protest a form of free speech?
4. In which area(s) do you think Middlebury has the most problems with marginalization – class, race, and/or gender? What are ways we can address these moving forward?
5. As a student, do you feel comfortable debating topics in class, or taking an opposing position to the professor? For faculty and staff, what about with colleagues?
6. How should we balance the concerns of those who wish to speak and those in the audience that feel marginalized?
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