Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Wheeling, IL: SGBYM Cultural Program Enrollment Form – May 28th, 2017
Bal Satsangi:
- You must be registered student of SGBYM and at least 6 years old
- You will be responsible for your own act and behavior
- Plan to come at least 15 minutes prior to start of practice (it will be every Saturday and Sunday @ 4 PM)
- Obey your coordinators during every practice session
- Do not distract your teammates or other groups
- If you have any input, talk to your coordinator during break time
- You must be committed to attend every practice session
- If you miss two consecutive practice sessions, your name may be removed from participation of SGBYM activity
- Every practice session will occur at Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Wheeling, IL
- Meal will be provided during every practice session

- Bring your child/children on time (4.00 PM, Sundays, and 4.00 PM Saturdays if needed) during every practice session
- To keep everything in order, parents will not be allowed to watch their kids during practice.
- Help and assist your child/children at home for practicing his/her/their role
- For too-frequent complaints about the child, SGBYM may decide to ask parents to pull out the child from participation.
- Only parents can register their child.
- Parent must be in the temple at all the time while their child is in practice session since they are responsible for safety of their child.
- Grouping of kids are decided by SGBYM coordinators based on age , height, and capabilities. Parents will not have any choices.
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Instrument name: Do you play any musical instrument that you want to play and you can bring
You must be able to bring the instrument for practice and for Patotsav
Can you / Do you want to Sing? *
We (Parents and Participants) are available on 27th May (all day) and 28th May (all day) 2017 *
You must be available for these dates.
I have read all the instructions and explained it to the participating child. We are commited to follow all the instructions / guidelines. *
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For any Suggestions/Concerns about the handling of kids by SGBYM coordinator, please talk to Dinesh H. Patel, Nimesh Patel, Lakulish Patel and Rahul K. Patel on Sunday between 5 – 7 PM. *
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