Cooper School Climate Survey (Parent/Guardian)
Please assist us in assessing our school climate so that we may work toward continuous improvement.
Please choose the option that best describes your relationship to students at Cooper. *
Child 1- Grade *
Child 2- Grade *
Child 3- Grade *
Child 4- Grade *
The faculty and staff at Cooper School instill the values of respect, responsibility and good citizenship in all students. *
Does your child learn best in a whole group, small group, or individually? *
When does your child feel comfortable sharing ideas? *
The academic instruction my child receives at Cooper School is... *
Please share any additional comments/clarifications related the previous question.
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Is there an adult your child can go to if he/she has a question, problem, or concern? *
I feel that my child is safe at Cooper School. *
I am proud of my child's school. *
My child is learning things that are important to him/her. *
My child's teacher is available to help when my child needs assistance *
The adults at Cooper School treat one another with respect. *
My child shows respect toward adults in the school. *
My child shows respect toward other students in the school. *
My child shows respect for school property. *
The adults in the school speak to my child in a respectful way. *
Do you believe any of the following are significant problems at Cooper School? *
Do you believe any of the following locations are significantly problematic at Cooper School? *
What is one thing you love about Cooper School? *
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What can we do to make Cooper an even better school? *
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