One Big Weekend:CCT Europe
For those intending to play in the European OBW:CCT (May 16th)
This series of questions are for those who are intending to play in the European One Big Weekend: Corona Consolation Tournament on May 16th. Please answer only if you intend to play. Question 1: Format? Would you rather play Modern 2020, something more casual, or something in between? *
Start Time? with the kids at home - what works best for you? *
Are You on the CR GameRoom Discord Server? *
If you are on the CR GameRoom Discord Server, what is your handle? *
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We are running the tournament using - and assigning stations (rooms) through challonge. Do you have a challonge account? *
If you do have a challonge account what is your challonge handle and your registered email with them? *
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Challonge can integrate with the CR Gameroom discord bot on their channel. If you have linked your challonge account to your Discord account it will make it very easy for us to send out your room links. Have you linked your challonge account to your discord account? (In Challonge look under your own account settings and then under "authentications". or see ) *
The CR Gameroom has successfully use meet for their tournament rooms. meet does not require any extra software on a laptop or desktop other than a browser (it runs best on Chrome or Firefox - it doesn't care for Safarai), but does require an app on a phone. Are you prepared to use Chrome or Firefox if you're playing via webcam and computer? Or have you downloaded the ap for your phone? *
Team lists will be due at 10pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday May 13th. We are currently working on a way to submit teams. And will notify people via discord. However, we'd like to get a headcount in advance. Are you in? *
Thanks for your time. Please leave any thoughts below. We're planning on providing prizing for the top 4 finishers. If you'd care to leave your mailing address as well… it could prove helpful.
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