Booming Minds Elementary School Class Registration, Summer 2021

Thank you for your support of our online classes. We are honored to help you and your children to achieve challenging goals!

**Our Summer program will be starting from June 28th to August 20th for eight weeks.

All course tuition below is priced based on the class size of 7-10 students.  For a smaller and customized scheduled class,  please call directly.


-- Your Booming Minds Team

For any questions or concerns, please contact: or

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Steps for Registration!
1. Scroll to your incoming grade by Fall
2. Select your desired classes - (single classes, morning or afternoon sessions, full day program)
3. Select the weeks you would you like to join (minimum 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks)
If you are in 1st Grade by Fall 2021:
If you are in 2nd Grade by Fall 2021:
Grade 1 & 2 - Afternoon with Ms. Szarek
1 Subject:
2 weeks - $240
3 weeks - $360

If you are in 3rd Grade by Fall 2021:
If you are in 4th Grade by Fall 2021:
If you are in 5th Grade by Fall 2021:
Grades 3-5 - Scratch Programming (4 Week Program)
Science Investigation Beginner (3-5th Grade) Mon (Bio)11-12 PM, Tue (Chem)5-6 PM, Wed (Earth Science)11-12 PM, Friday (Physics) 11-12 PM
If you are in 6th Grade by Fall 2021:
Science Investigation Advanced (6-8th Grade) *1 hour each class* - Tutorial into High School Science - Topics: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, & Physics *2 weeks  to cover 1 subject*
Sessions (*Choose any two minimum*)                                     *
Payment by Session Information *two weeks minimum*
*2 weeks single subject $240, morning/afternoon session $480, Full day session $960                                                                               *4 weeks single subject $460, morning/afternoon session $920, Full day session $1,840                                                                
*8 weeks single subject $920, morning/afternoon session $1,840, Full day session $3,660
Any additional weeks you could not find from the list? Any additional subjects you would love to join?
如果您对于课程的选择以及课程的设置有任何疑惑,我们愿意和您一对一交流,为每一位同学推荐最合适的课程. 欢迎联系张老师 718-344-7494.
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The recorded videos and class presentations in Booming Minds Education online school are not intended for public viewing but there may be circumstances in which people outside this course will be able to watch them (e.g. someone watching over the shoulder of a student viewing a recording, a student’s improperly sharing links, etc). I hereby authorize Booming Minds Education and those acting pursuant to its authority a nonexclusive grant to:(a) Record my likeness and voice on the video, audio, photographic, digital, electronic, online formats, or on any and all other media. (b) Use my name in connection with these recordings if deemed appropriate(c) Use, reproduce, publish, republish, exhibit, edit, modify, or distribute, in whole or in part, these recordings in all media without compensation for any purpose that Booming Minds Education, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate for classroom learning. These recordings may appear in a variety of formats and media now available to Booming Minds Education and that may be available in the future (e.g. videos, DVDs, Internet, mobile, digital). I hereby release Booming Minds Education and those acting pursuant to its authority from liability, claims, and demands for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use, including any and all claims for libel, defamation, and/or invasion of privacy. I understand that all such recordings, in whatever medium, shall remain the property of Booming Minds Education. I have read and fully understand the terms of this release.
Refund Policy *
If student never attend class or cancels the registration prior to the class start date, all refunds due will be made within thirty (30) calendar days of the first scheduled day of class or the date of cancellation, whichever is earlier.  For an enrolled student, class registration can be cancelled within the first three classes, the refund will be prorated accordingly.  After that, no refund will be processed.  
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