'Hey Warrior!' Book Club: REGISTRATION FORM
Has your child ever wondered why they get really upset, or have tummy aches when they are worried? This group will use Karen Young’s book “Hey Warrior” to learn more about physical symptoms of anxiety in our body and how to manage them. The group will explore play based therapy techniques to learn coping strategies, calming techniques and mindfulness. Anxiety can present as worrying, anger, distraction and can often feel very lonely. Kid groups help us all learn that we belong! (Book and keychain included.)

This group will be facilitated by Karin Purugganan, Resident in Counseling for the Wise Family. 

Held on Mondays from 5-6pm. (Six week group) Next group: November 2nd - December 7th. 

This is a drop-in type of group. You may opt-in for one session or recurring sessions! Cost for this group for each participant is $375 for six weeks. (Or $62.50 per session)
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