Nickel City Ultimate Spring League 2020
Registration Process:
1.) Fill out this survey

2.) Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis. I will reach out to you once I receive your registration entry and inform you of what session you are in. Each session is capped at 60 individuals. There MUST be at least 20 female participants in Mixed; there is no minimum for Open.

3.) If you need a USA Ultimate single event membership because you do not plan on playing in the college or club seasons, you can purchase one through USA Ultimate directly. A link on how to purchase them through USA Ultimate can be found below.

Dates & Times:
2/19/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
2/26/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
3/4/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
3/11/2020: 930-1030(Mixed)
3/25/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
4/1/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
4/8/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)
4/15/2020: 930-1030 (Mixed)

2/19/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
2/26/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
3/4/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
3/11/2020: 1030-1130(Open)
3/25/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
4/1/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
4/8/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)
4/15/2020: 1030-1130 (Open)

Paddock Golf-Dome
175 Brompton Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150


Due to 60 minutes of play, PLEASE LIMIT HALVES TO 2-3 MINUTES!!!

1.) Offense dictates gender ratio.
2.) Games to 13.

Other than that, if there are any questions, please let me know! - Dave Schneggenburger
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