Calling all Falco users! 
Hey community - we are looking for Falco users! The goal is to create case study stories about community members and/or non-members that are using Falco. Share your story with the broader community and tell us about your journey with Falco.

Types of users that we are looking for: 
  • End-user companies and organizations that are not CNCF End-User members that use the project and cloud native technologies internally, or build upon a cloud native open source project but do not sell the cloud native project externally as a service offering (those are Service Providers).
  • Direct adopters of a project are responsible for the project's development, packaging, configuration, or deployment in their use of it.
  • Transitive adopters of a project are not responsible for the project's development, packaging, configuration, or deployment, however they may receive the benefits that the project provides.

What to expect 

Prompts that will drive the discussion: 

  • What industry challenge did Falco help your organization overcome? 
  • Describe your journey to finding Falco & why you chose to go with this solution vs other? 
  • What impact did implementing Falco have on your organization & why would you recommend it to the community? 

The community will interview the adopter, drive the production of one or several of the following assets, and coordination & promotion of all activities: 
  • Blog
  • Case study PDF
  • Podcast
  • Live stream
  • On-demand webinar
This is completely voluntary and all stories will be published on the website. This is an opportunity to share your technical chops with the community, tell your company's open source journey, and drive awareness of your company too! We look forward to collaborating with you and reach out with any questions to Jacque Salinas ( 
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