AHF FC Development Centre
Welcome to AHF FC's member registration form. Our development centre is open to pre-school / reception age children to young teens. We operate every Saturday at Blackburn Powerleague Soccerdome between 10am to 2pm. There is a one off registration fee of £10 and a monthly subscription fee of £10 thereafter (payable by direct debit).

Please complete all required fields ensuring the correct details are inputted AND wait to hear from us before attending Blackburn Powerleague Soccerdome.

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If your child has any health problems we should be aware of, please select 'Yes' and give us more details in the 'Other Information' box.
On occasions we take photographs or video to show children’s involvement and may use these images for display or publicity purposes. Do you give your consent for this?
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Please provide any information you think might be relevant like medical conditions and/or details of any existing coaching sessions he has participated in.
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There has been instances where we have had to get in touch with parents at short notice. It is very important we have the number of both parents.
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My child is in good health and I consider them capable of taking part in coaching, games and competitions. I have provided all medical details in the 'other information' box above and consent, in the event of any illness/accident, a suitably qualified person can administer any necessary treatment to my child.

I also accept that there are risks associated with participating in football and sports and AHF FC will take every precaution to minimise the risks.

I give consent to Abu Hanifah Foundation to take photographs of my child to use for the purpose of promoting health, physical exercise, football and participation.

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