2022 Xtreme Altitude Drop Form
Drop procedure: Members are responsible for paying the full class tuition amount regardless of whether classes are attended. However, we understand that situations arise. If you with to discontinue classes prior to the end of a session, you have two options (see options below).

Reminder: We do not offer refunds for mid-session drops!

Enrollment is based on session-long commitments.  Once enrolled in a session, you are financially committed for tuition for each month of that session.  If you need to withdraw your child from class, you may do so at the end of a session without penalty through the drop form on our website.  Our recreational sessions are:

- Fall A = August and September
- Fall B = October and November
- Winter = December, January, and February
- Spring = March, April, and May
- Summer = June and July

Baby Stars, Little Stars, and Gym Adventures have a month-long commitment. Therefore, if your child is enrolled in these classes, you are committed through the end of each month.

We do send DROP Reminders prior to each new period for all clients.
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Child's Name *
Date of Last Class you would like to attend: *
Which program is your child in? *
I am dropping at the END of the session, so will not be charged any additional fees for dropping *
Option 1: I choose to pay remainder of tuition that is due this session, and understand that the amount will remain on my gym account as a credit to use toward future transactions. (This option is only if you are dropping prior to the final installment of the session. For example: Fall B Session is October and November. You drop in October, and then have this option). We do not issue credits if you have already paid for November and submit a drop at the end of November (whether your child attended class or not). *
Option 2: I choose to pay a $50 drop fee PER remaining installment(s) owed. I understand that the amount is NOT available as a credit on my account. *
Reason for Dropping *
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