Midland Public Schools Fundraising Profit/Loss Form: 2020-21
Fill out the form below including all details requested within 72 hours of the completion of the fundraiser. Direct any questions to BrutynBR@midlandps.org or 989-923-5078.
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REQUIRED: Each event must provide a general ledger that accounts for revenues, expenses, inventory, number of tickets sold, etc. For guidance or assistance on how to generate a compliant ledger, contact the Business Office (989-923-5065). *
Account name and # that funds were deposited in to: Note: Contact the building Office Professional in charge of finance for account numbers. *
Is there excess inventory? If so, please list the excess amount and the intended use of additional product.
Did the execution of the fundraiser vary from the original proposal? If 'No', list N/A. If 'Yes,' please explain the variances. *
Did your group complete a profit/loss report for a vendor? *
Did your fundraiser require a state license (raffle, drawing/50-50)? *
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